Virtual Private Showcase Information

FARM has made the last minute decision to allow a limited number of showcases, presented by a limited number of hosts in the model of our Private Showcases. These are NOT official showcases and will not disqualify anyone who participates from showcasing next year. We want to keep our community engaged in a way that feels manageable so we’re holding a couple of virtual private showcases each day the week leading up to what would have been our annual conference.

Due to the technical nature of these events, we have some requirements for hosts and performers:

Host Submissions are closed!

Requirements for Hosts

  1. Pro Zoom account (@ $15.00)*
  2. Desktop Computer/Laptop (not tablet or mobile phone)
  3. Ability to connect via ethernet cable (not just wifi)**
  4. Some basic tech ability OR access to someone with tech ability
  5. Desire to continue hosting Zoom concerts beyond this one showcase*

If selected you will be required to either have, or upgrade to a paid Zoom account (approx $15 per month). You can do this for just one month if you like but our hope is that you will be inspired to keep presenting live music on a regular basis once you see how rewarding it is.

FARM is not charging any fee to be a host.

Hosts will book ONLY from a list of vetted artists. They are welcome to invite performers they know to fill out the form but a small committee will be checking the artists ‘online’ streaming ability to confirm the quality. Why? In this day and age, an artists ability to provide a high quality sound and visual experience online are going to be part of an artists’ press-kit.

*The future of Live Music

As live performance spaces are sadly falling away (at least for the foreseeable future) part of FARM’s new mission is to help shepherd more virtual concert hosts into our community. Training will be provided (and required) for all approved hosts. 

Submissions are closed for this year.

Requirements for Performers

  1. Desktop Computer/Laptop (not tablet or mobile phone)
  2. Ability to connect via ethernet cable (not just wifi)**
  3. Evidence of ability to present a quality live stream

FARM will vet performers for sound and video quality only. Hosts will select artists using their own criteria.

FARM is not charging any fee to submit.


**About Ethernet cables

First, buy a good one but you don’t need to spend more than $20 or $30.

If you have internet, you have a modum and out of the modum you have the ability to run an ethernet cable directly to your computer. That’s how they did it in the days before wifi. It looks like a fat telephone cable. Depending on where your modum lives in your home this could be tricky and a bit of MacGyvering, but very doable. (i.e. ours is tucked away at the far corner of the basement. For very little money we bought a 200 foot cable that runs the length of our basement ceiling, up the stairs, through the kitchen and we can drag it to a computer just about anywhere in the house.) Most modums have more than one ethernet out.

Connecting to your computer is another new challenge easily solved. Most modern computers don’t have ethernet ports so you need to buy an Ethernet to USB adapter.  And then if your computer is limited in USB ports you’ll need a USB hub. It sounds like a lot but we’ll go over all this at the “training”.